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Keeping it Healthy with Garbetts

Here at Garbett’s we understand that many of our customers which include body builders, gym members and customers who like to keep fit need the leanest products!

We offer Leaner Produce which is prepared Fresh when you order for a better taste, Let us know when ordering if you'd like it leaner!  We’ve worked with generations to deliver great tasting produce at competitive prices!

Popular Products include:

Fresh Lean Beef Mince > £7.80kg

Fresh Lean Diced Beef > £7.80kg

4.5kg of Chicken Breast (which we bone out ourselves!) > £20

2.2kg Diced Chicken Breast (which we bone out ourselves!) > £10

2.2kg Chicken Thigh > £10

3lb Fresh Sliced Steak for £10


Eat More …. Now let’s Train More!

Now after topping up on protein ... you're ready to train!

We would like to introduce and recommend Daniel Smith, who is a 2 x Body Building World Champion & 4 time UK Champion and very well-known personal trainer in Wolverhampton! Also, a customer of Ours! With over 8 years of experience in the industry, helping 1000s to improve themselves physically and mentally! Dan is the director of Fit Fast Fitness and manages a team of trainers, coaches, massage therapists, tutors and chefs to offer you anything from training sessions and deep tissue massage to active learning courses and meal preparation.

If you Team Garbett’s Lean meats with training, you’ll achieve a strong, healthy life style for sure! 

To know more about Fit Fast Fitness and the training sessions, visit the website:


Call us in Store today to pre-order your lean meats on 01902 352077. Train more …. Eat more!

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